News: 2020


Spencer Bloch receives Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement

November 19, 2020


University to Award Honorary Degrees

September 14, 2020

UChicago’s Contribution to Hilbert’s 13th Problem

September 13, 2020


Institute for Mathematical and Statistical Innovation Announced

July 14, 2020


Wirszup and Kowalsky Prize Winners Announced

May 21, 2020

The Wirszup Fellowship was established in 2012 in memory of Izaak Wirszup, a beloved member of our department and of the university community for many years, who had worked tirelessly towards improving the quality of mathematics education over the decades. The award is given to an excellent finishing graduate student.  The recipients this year are Alan Chang and Lvzhou Chen

The Kowalsky Fellowship provides support for a graduate student, who is doing excellent research towards her dissertation. The award is established through a bequest from Walter and Yvonne Kowalsky in memory of their daughter Nadine Kowalsky, who died of leukemia in 1996. Nadine graduated from the University of Chicago in 1994 with a dissertation directed by Robert Zimmer. The recipient this year is Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier.

Alexander Beilinson Wins Shaw Prize

May 21, 2020

Glowing Algebra Theorems and Glimpses into Hospital Makes Sciences Lessons Unique

May 13, 2020

Simion Filip Wins 2020 EMS Prize

May 11, 2020

Headshot of Simion Filip


Andre Neves and Alexander Razborov Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 27, 2020

Frank Calegari and Collaborators Extend an Amazing Mathematical Bridge

April 7, 2020


Assistant Professor Named Sloan Fellow

February 12, 2020

Mathematically Gifted & Black Honoree

February 6, 2020

Department Chair Kevin Corlette has been named a 2020 Honoree by Mathematically Gifted & Black.


128 Years of UChicago Mathematics – a Personal Ancestry

January 29, 2020

A lecture held by President Robert Zimmer and the official launch of his new book, "Group Actions in Ergodic Theory, Geometry, and Topology:  Selected Papers" which will be published by the University of Chicago Press.