The mathematics department organizes and encourages participation in many programs that reach beyond its own members.

Young Scholars Program (YSP)

This program brings large numbers of students in grades 7 through 12 to the University of Chicago for a summer mathematics enrichment program. There are three tracks, each with two rotating courses, at least one in mathematics and the other often in a related area of application in the physical sciences. Each course is accompanied by a computer laboratory. There is an accompanying Saturday morning academic year program.

See more information at the YSP website.

Seminars in Endorsement of Mathematics and Science Educators (SESAME)

This is a three year, 270 hour, program for elementary school teachers in the Chicago Public Schools. It offers 90 hours of classroom instruction each year, 60 in the summer and 30 during the academic year. Participating teachers earn appropriate formal educational credit. The summer program is mainly focused on mathematics directly relevant to classroom teaching; the academic year program focuses more on mathematical enrichment.

See more information at the SESAME website.

Polk Brothers Program

The Polk Bros. Program has as its mission the improvement of mathematics education in the Chicago Public Schools. The program aims to achieve this mission by offering classes to CPS teachers. Both courses on methods of teaching and on mathematical content are offered.

See more information at the Polk Bros. Program website.

Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)

The purpose of the REU program is to provide an opportunity for students to be involved in a deeper experience in mathematics than is usually available during the academic quarters. This program is especially beneficial for undergraduates who are considering graduate study and research in mathematics.

See more information at the REU website.

Neighborhood Schools Program (NSP)

NSP facilitates partnerships between University of Chicago students and local Chicago schools, providing tutoring to school children, teaching assistance to public school teachers, and administrative support to community organizations.

See more information at the NSP website.

The University of Chicago Urban Teacher Education Program (UTEP)

UTEP recruits and prepares candidates with strong undergraduate backgrounds and a commitment to social justice to teach in underserved urban public schools. Our particular emphasis is preparing elementary teachers and secondary math and biology teachers for the Chicago Public Schools.

UTEP is a two-year graduate program that awards a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree from the University of Chicago, as well as an Illinois Teaching Certificate.

See more information at the UTEP website.

Summer Seminar in Calculus (SSC)

Around 20 high school teachers and 20 high school students come to the University to participate in this program, which focuses on the calculus and its applications. One of the ideas behind the mix of teachers and students is to convince the teachers that calculus can be taught to high school students.

Seminar Program For High School Teachers

Around 20 high school teachers attend this summer program, which offers seminars in algebra and geometry, complementing the SSC program in calculus. The material taught is considerably more ambitious and demanding than the standard curriculum that these people generally teach.