Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Meet Giovanni Longo

May 24, 2021

Giovanni Longo, Class of 2023

How did you decide to become a math major?

Family encouragement

Favorite math course(s) and why?

IBL Math courses because they actively involve you in what you’re learning. I find lecture style courses can feel more like a list of rules rather than a deep involvement in the material.

Do you have any special story to tell that reflects your experience as a math major?

My first IBL quarter was an incredible experience. I took MATH 16110 and was unsure whether I should drop into the lower section. I decided to stay on the Honors track despite the difficulty of the material and now have a rich understanding of proof based mathematics I had never imagined. I came into college with no proof knowledge, but through expert instruction and dedication to the work I was able to accelerate to the level of the other students in my class.

What are your aspirations?

Data scientist in the financial world

What are you excited about doing after graduation?

I look forward to applying my technical skills to the financial world. Also, I would like to one day pursue a PhD in mathematics.

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