Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Lucy Horowitz, Class of 2024

April 15, 2024

How did you decide to become a math major?

I was really into astronomy when I was younger. One of my teachers told me that I should learn as much math as I could if I wanted to become an astronomer. I took his advice and just couldn't stop learning math because I enjoyed it so much!

Favorite math course(s) and why?

My favorite courses were the ones I took through the Paris Mathematics program. We got to hear in-depth about really interesting areas of math that wouldn't get much airtime in an average course. Not only that, but we got to do math *in Paris*, exploring the city of light while talking about fun problems!

Do you have any special story to tell that reflects your experience as a math major? 

In the fall of 2020, when all of our classes were on Zoom, I was in an Honors Analysis study group with some housemates who were also in the class. The last part of a particularly long problem was "take a victory lap." After just barely making the midnight deadline, we all met outside the door to Burton-Judson and raced each other around the block. That class was so incredibly difficult, but we had a ton of fun with it anyway.

What are your aspirations? 

I want to continue doing math! Right now I'm particularly interested in logic and formal math, and I hope I can find exciting practical and abstract applications for all the things I'm learning.

What are you excited about doing after graduation? (If you know)

I'm currently waiting to hear back from graduate schools, but this summer I'm really excited to be spending a few weeks at the Hausdorff Institute working on projects bridging formal and "informal" (natural language) mathematics.

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