Undergraduate Student Spotlight: Annie Meishan Chen, Class of 2024

April 15, 2024

How did you decide to become a math major?

I originally came in wanting to do Econ/Philosophy but then I took the 160s and realized math wasn't what I thought it was, (and Econ wasn't what I thought it was), and a couple of really great professors and great friends I met in these classes made me switch over.

Favorite math course(s) and why?

The entire analysis IBL sequence, fantastic professor fantastic way to conduct class, this class is optimized for depth of understanding rather than speed and it was also so much fun because the class really got to know each other.

Do you have any special story to tell that reflects your experience as a math major? 

It took me almost the entirety of Calc 161 to solve problem and write up a proof for it completely on my own, I felt really really dumb the entire quarter basically. Calc 161 made me cry more than any person ever did, but when I figured it out with no help from classmates (or the internet) and it was the most rewarding thing and also helped convince me I had the capacity to do this.

What are your aspirations? 

Currently going to work at a hedge fund and am also an aspiring author so we are all over the place.

What are you excited about doing after graduation? (If you know)

Going to do a lot of painting and reading and traveling before work starts.

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