Noether Lecture Speaker Announced

February 16, 2021

Marianna Csornyei will be giving the 2022 AWM-AMS Noether lecture on
"The Kakeya problem for recitifable sets" at the annual joint meeting
in January 2022.

To quote the citation, "Csörnyei has made significant contributions to
several areas of Mathematical Analysis, including Geometric Measure
Theory, Functional Analysis and Real Analysis. While she was still an
undergraduate, she established a reputation as a brilliant problem
solver. (Even before that, in her high school years, she won a gold
medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad.) Later she worked on
deep innovative long-term projects. She is known for example for her
results concerning various versions of the Kakeya needle problem and
for her work on the structure of Lebesgue null sets in Euclidean
spaces. The latter work is connected to problems in partial
differential equations and the calculus of variations, questions
concerning the possibility/impossibility of strengthening the
Rademacher Theorem about the almost everywhere differentiability of
Lipschitz functions, as well as to some combinatorial problems."

For more details, see here and here.

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