Renovations Complete!

November 12, 2019
Renovations on the new student space in Ryerson Laboratory are now complete.

The Department of Mathematics is pleased to announce that our new Graduate Student space,
located in Ryerson Laboratory on the 4 th floor, is now open! This space has been remodeled
from top to bottom and will be home to our first- and second-year graduate students. The
project was brought to fruition with support from the Physical Sciences Division and the
University Administration.

The new home to our students boasts a kitchen space, breakout rooms, and individual working
spaces for over 35 students. We paid special attention to the details during the renovation,
ensuring that the space kept its historic charm by working around the exposed beams and
highlighting the gothic style windows. You’ll find other charming details throughout the space.

In addition to creating an open and welcoming atmosphere, we have equipped the space with
everything our students will need to succeed. From the multiple breakout rooms throughout
the space to encourage collaboration or offer a bit of respite to the blackboards that will be
dotted around for easy access. Students will have access to high-speed wifi, printer stations,
and conference space to make their new home a one-stop-shop for all their needs.

We are excited to see where this new space takes us and all the amazing things our students
will be able to do as a result of it. Feel free to take a tour of the space through the photos

View of office space with 4 cubicles and red chairs.
2nd Year Student Office
View of 1st year Ph.D. space showing six orange cubicles.
1st Year Student Space
Photo showing skylight and original beams in new first year Ph.D. student space.
Historical aspects of the space, such as these exposed beams and skylight, were turned into focal points in the new space.
Photo of kitchen for first and second year Ph.D. students.
Student kitchenette
Photo of flex space for students.
Flex space for students
Elevator entrance with red wall.
Elevator entrance to new space
Elevated view of 2nd year Ph.D. student space showing red cubicles.
Overview of 2nd Year student space

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