Department Award Winners Announced

May 20, 2024

The department announced the winners of our annual fellowships and prizes in a special ceremony held on Friday, May 17th. You can find the winners of each below.

Paul R. Cohen Undergraduate Prize:

  • Ben Scott
  • Ben Slater
  • Cameron Chang
  • Michael Barz
  • Minghan Sun

Cohen Prize Winners

Lawrence and Josephine Graves Teaching Prize

  • Chloe Postel-Vinay (Advisor: Danny Calegari)
  • Chris Wilson (Advisor: Marianna Csornyei)
  • Linus Setiabrata (Advisor: Victor Ginzburg)

Graves Prize Winners

Wirszup Fellowship

  • Andreea Iorga

Kowalsky Fellowship

  • Meg Doucette
  • Chengyang Bao

Radix Trading Prize

  • Iqra Altaf

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