Alexander Razborov

Andrew McLeish Distinguished Service Professor

Alexander Razborov
Ryerson 360-G
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Moscow State University (1985, B.S.), Steklov Mathematical Institute (1987, PhD; 1991, Doctoral Degree)


During my career I have been working on various topics in logic, TCS and combinatorics, including combinatorial group theory, circuit complexity, quantum computing and communication complexity. These are the two projects that are currently the most active.

1. Continuous Combinatorics (flag algebras, graph limits etc.) It is a relatively new area striving to study traditional combinatorial structures via their infinite abstractions, usually on a measure space. This study involves methods from and make connections to algebra, analysis, measure theory, mathematical logic, probability theory etc.

2. Propositional Proof Complexity. This area draws inspiration both from mathematical logic (what true statements possess efficient proofs?) and from Computer Science (e.g., what are the general mathematical principles underlying practical SAT solvers?)

More information, including a few ad hoc problems, can be found here.

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