On-Site Schedule


  • To indicate when you will be on-site, click the "edit table" link under the floor where you will be working. If you have been granted access to the building but are unable to access the "edit table" link, please ensure that you are logged in with your UChicago account. If that does not work, contact Mat Wimberly (matwimberly@uchicago.edu) and include your CNetID.
  • Each floor must be at or below 50% capacity at any given time. The capacity for each floor is listed at the top of the table, and the total capacity for the week can be found on the right side of the table.
  • If the capacity is below 50%, it will be highlighted green, if it is at 50%, it will be highlited yellow, and if it is above 50%, it will be highlighted red
  • If the capacity is at 50% on a day or time you would like to work, please choose a different day.

*Please Note*

  • Math Staff are currently working at reduced in-office hours and will not be in the building every day. As a result we will not be available to give you building access if your ID has not yet been activated. When scheduling your time, please ensure that a staff member is also scheduled to be in the building if you will need to be let in. Our offices are located in the 108 Suite, so please check there before scheduling your time.

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