Unni Namboodiri Lectures in Geometry and Topology - Oscar Randal-Williams (University of Cambridge)

Through April 10, 2024 Eckhart & Ryerson Hall

4/8: Eckhart 206

4/9: Ryerson 176

4/10: Eckhart 206

Symmetries of Manifolds


Whenever one studies a mathematical object one ought also to study its symmetries. Manifolds---spaces which look locally like ordinary Euclidean space but which can be globally complicated---are the central objects of study in topology and geometry, and their groups of symmetries come in many flavours (isometries, diffeomorphisms, homeomorphisms, ...). In this course of lectures I will discuss some classical and recent results about the spaces of all symmetries of simple manifolds---such as the sphere, the disc, or Euclidean space---give some ideas of the recent methods which have been to study them, and report on an emerging conjectural picture.

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Apr 8