Combinatorics, Hodge Theory, and Beyond

3:00–4:00 pm

Presented by Karim Adiprasito (Hebrew University and University of Copenhagen)


I will survey applications of Hodge Theory to combinatorics, and, quite suprisingly, how Hodge-Riemann relations and Lefschetz type theorems can be proven using combinatorial methods, in settings that are beyond classical projective algebraic geometry.

I then go one step further, and discuss how many triangles a PL embedded simplicial complex in R^4 can have (the answer, generalizing a result of Euler and Descartes, is at most 4 times the number of edges). I discuss how to reduce this problem to a Lefschetz property beyond projective structure, and indicate the proof of the Lefschetz property in this case, replacing positivity with anisotropy of subspaces in the Hodge-Riemann pairing.
If time permits, I will then discuss relations to the Singer conjecture for aspherical manifolds.

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Sep 30