Colloquium: Yu Deng (University of Southern California)

3:00–4:20 pm Eckhart Hall

Room 202

5734 S University Ave

Hilbert's Sixth Problem: From Particles to Waves


Hilbert’s Sixth Problem concerns systems in statistical physics and
kinetic theory that have huge (N~10^23) degrees of freedom. The goal is
to rigorously derive the macroscopic laws of motion, from these
microscopic systems, in the kinetic limit N->∞.

Such systems arise in both classical particle and quantum/wave settings,
leading to the classical kinetic theory and the modern theory of wave
turbulence. In this talk I will review the state of art of Hilbert’s
Sixth Problem in both settings, including recent joint works with Zaher
Hani (Michigan) that lead to major advancements in the wave turbulence

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Nov 8